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So, let me get this out of the way right now, this place is expensive. There was a time that I would have not even thought about walking into a store like this and would have marched right to an Ashley Home Furniture. As it turns out, I'm a bit older now and my tastes have changed and I prefer more quality items compared to some build-it-yourself cabinets and furniture that I used to get from a Walmart or Ikea. Arhaus makes great stuff. They use real wood for their kitchen tables instead of wood laminate. I tried lifting a piece of furniture off the ground yesterday, didn't happen. It weighed around 500lbs and I haven't been to the gym in a little bit. So, do you feel like you're going to be judged walking into a place like this? Maybe. Luckily, I didn't have the same experiences as my fellow Yelpers. I didn't have anyone harass me or simply not acknowledge my existence. My wife and I were helped by Franca in purchasing a couch. We went in once a couple weeks ago and she talked with us about it and we decided to come back to weigh our options as it is a very big purchase. Finally, we decided we loved the Pavo couch and wanted to seal the deal, just in a different color than the floor model. Franca was there again and remembered my wife's name and was quick to help us out, explain all the details about the couch, and answer any further questions we had. It was a very painless process and she was great to work with. I'd certainly go back to this location for future items, if only for the service from Franca alone.

I recently ordered kitchen chairs with an expected 6 week delivery schedule. Without word of possible delays I called the store in 6 weeks to learn that the chairs would not be available for another SEVEN months. This obviously reflects a broken inventory planning system and a willingness to take customers' money without being able to deliver when expected. Salespeople are selling products they cannot deliver and in my case I had to make the call myself to learn about it rather than receiving a call to let me know. I will not shop here again.

This, for years, had been one of my favorite go to stores for browsing and home accessory purchases with the thought that someday when I had my home I would have Arhaus furniture. It didn't bother me that we could look around unencumbered by sales staff - no one would ever approach us. It was a nice relief not to be greeted and constantly checked on by sales staff following corporate standards. Our first furniture purchase was a coveted tea table only a measely $500+ but still much admired. At the store applied for the Arhaus credit, the no interest did not apply to such a small amount. Given 2 choices for delivery - home delivery for $100+ or pick-up in the store. No other information, no other communication. So a small tea table easily fit in a SUV - no problem. Charge appeared on credit card before credit card or even table arrived. Call received, table in. Went to pick-up, what a tizzy no one was aware of it, couldn't find it, waited while associates wandered around talking across the floor to anyone who might know. Brought in a clerk from the back room. Table brought out entirely packed, packaged right off the truck. No assistance offered. They would not even help to open the box to check that the GLASS table had arrived without damage. Immediately let known that open the crate and getting it into the car was at our own risk, due to liability to store & staff no one would or could help. Then to add insult to injury, they offered us the floor sample model in exchange for the brand new not even out of the box one. Kicker as the table was already charged to the card it was considered PAID and it would be EXCHANGE ONLY no credit given for the sample which was sale priced at $300. Clerk 1 realizing no commission to be made fled leaving the backroom associate who was very reluctant to let us open the box there - offered only scissors (apparently Arhaus opens all crates with scissors and not an exacto knife), also extremely reluctant to let us use the wheeled dolley to roll the large crate out to our car. So two lady customers, one who happens to be 70 years old, took it out to our car. When I tried to reach corporate higher ups, a supposed VP of Customer Service emailed me. After messaging her back, no follow-up, no word from anyone WHAT SO EVER! LACK OF SERVICE, LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM, LACK OF COMMUNICATION, GREED AND ELITEISM. NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER SHOPPING THERE AGAIN. Within the coming year, I will be purchasing a bedroom set and living room furniture but NOT at Arhaus!!

This place is like heaven. And by heaven, I'm mean you get judged at the gate. I feel like I was discriminated against because I was wearing jeans and sneakers. Despite what the other review says, not one person asked me for help. Not one. What a joke. I'd of understood if the place was busy but, we were relatively the only ones there and 3 different associates passed us by with nothing more than a smile and quick diverted look. Thanks for making me feel welcome. Granted I didn't appear to readily purchase overpriced furniture, I shouldn't have been judged like that. I checked this place out because I wanted to purchase a farmhouse style table for my dining room. I found a great one and stood by it for almost 10 minutes. Not one employee cared. What they didn't realize is that I have money to spend and wanted to spend it right then. Book cover, judged. Very sad. My advice is skip this place in general. Just head over to West Elm, right in the Armory too. Go enjoy great customer service and quality goods. I just bought a table from there, paid in full. Arhaus will never be in MY HOUSE.

A large store catering to a specific aesthetic (or perhaps that's how the furniture was arranged). Generally the design appears to be dark and heavy, a mix of industrial meets Gothic meets Victorian. Pricey but appreciate that most of the pieces we looked at were real wood and not wood veneer. What we didn't appreciate was being tailed around by sales -- in a space cramped with large furniture, hovering salesepeople made us feel claustrophobic.

Gorgeous, high quality furniture.. we have been helped out by Franca and several other sales associates over time. Despite what other reviews say, I have never felt pressured to purchase. The staff will simply introduce themselves and if you say you are just 'browsing', they will tell you to let them know if you'd like some help. I have walked into the store in dress clothing or in workout clothing. There is no judging. Yes the furniture is expensive, but it is a very high quality and several pieces come from Italy. All in all I am thankful that we have Arhaus available in Rochester. Their pieces are timeless.

Gorgeous furniture of varying quality, but in fairness, the review should be more about the store and its employees. The place is huge (though I am learning that nearly every place in Rochester is huge), and there is plenty to browse. The problem with this store is that the second you set foot in the place, someone is on you. ON you. Not only do they follow you everywhere, but no more than 10 seconds can pass without the person trying to make a helpful comment or ask you (again) what you are looking for. The best you can do is ask the person to look up something so that you have a couple minutes of peace. Or just leave as quickly as you can.

BOSTON HEIGHTS, Ohio - Greater Cleveland-based Arhaus Furniture has announced two major milestones for 2014: Arhaus will open its 50th store within a year, and will also break ground on what is ultimately planned to be a 1-million-square foot, $43-million corporate headquarters and distribution center in the Village of Boston Heights, Ohio.

Homeworks Inc., which does business as Arhaus, operates 46 stores in 18 states, including eight in Ohio, and has spent years searching for a new home because it can't expand any more at its current location in the Village of Walton Hills.

Company executives considered moving some of its operations to North Carolina or South Carolina, before local and state officials offered incentives to convince it to stay and expand in Ohio.

Under the terms of its Community Reinvestment Area Agreement with Boston Heights, the company will receive an 85-percent break on its property taxes for 15 years for keeping 230 jobs in Ohio and adding another 163 at its corporate offices by 2019. Its annual payroll in Boston Heights will increase from an estimated $16.2 million in 2015 to $26.2 million in 2019.

Boston Heights Mayor Bill Goncy said: "As I understand it, they were looking at several other sites in the state, but because of our accessibility to both Route 8 and [Interstate] 271, we were one of their top choices."

Arhaus will be the first major corporate headquarters in the 6.9-square-mile village, with a population of 1,300.

The Village plans to show residents the proposal at a meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday night at the Fire Station.

"We've been growing quite a bit," said John Reed, Arhaus' co-founder and chief executive. "We're the fastest-growing furniture retailer in the country, according to Furniture Today.

"Next year, we'll have well over 50 stores. We've expanded into Texas, we'll have our first store in Connecticut, and we're adding stores in Chicago and Kansas City. We're looking up and down the East Coast for a couple more stores."

Arhaus has built a reputation for handcrafted, one-of-a-kind furniture for the home or office made by artisans all over the world. Its designers travel the world for inspiration, bringing back raw materials, fabrics, textures and designs that are unique to its stores, including reclaimed and recycled materials from sustainable sources.

"People are getting to know our brand, and as folks in those stores find us, they're responding extremely well," he added.

The name "Arhaus" was inspired by Aarhus, a port city in Denmark called "ar hoos." Reed rearranged the letters and came up with a brand that people would pronounce "our house."

Arhaus ships its inventory to stores and customers from warehouses in Cleveland. Its customer service and marketing departments are also based here.

Greg Teed, chief financial officer, confirmed that state and local tax incentives helped persuade the company to stay in Northeast Ohio. "We considered moving to North Carolina, because we have two vendors there that represent close to 50 percent of our sales, and the State of North Carolina offered a lot of incentives," he said.

View full sizeThe lobby of Arhaus Furniture's corporate offices in Walton Hills, Ohio.Arhaus Furniture

Arhaus told the Village it needed the tax break "in order to justify the level of investment in land, equipment, payroll and facilities... while sustaining [its] global competitiveness."

"Several adjacent Northeast Ohio communities were considered along with three viable locations in North Carolina: the hub of our nation's furniture manufacturing and distribution activities," according to the agreement.

"Boston Heights was not considered the most cost effective location, without the requested tax exemption request, in either Northeast Ohio or when compared to potential locations in North Carolina.

"Therefore, the partnership with the State of Ohio, Summit County, and the Village of Boston Heights was not only encouraged, but absolutely critical to making the project move forward."

In exchange, Arhaus agrees to maintain a minimum annual payroll of $20 million, and to "give preference to residents of the Village... when hiring new employees." The company is also reimbursing the village for its attorneys' fees and expenses related to negotiating the agreement with the village and with the Hudson City School District.

And if all goes as planned and the company gets the necessary approvals, Arhaus hopes to begin construction in late spring or early summer on its 770,000-square-foot digs, on a 64-acre site that used to be the former Boston Mills Country Club. The new offices will eventually be four times the size of its 210,000-square-foot space in the Village of Walton Hills. "We're looking to move in at the end of 2014 or the first part of 2015," but will maintain a presence in Walton Hills through 2015, Reed said.

In addition to home furnishings and decor accents, Arhaus two years ago launched a mail-order Arhaus Jewelry division that it also hopes to expand.

"Our goal is to continue the pace we have going of about 20 percent a year growth, and within the next five years, we'll be up to 150 stores," Reed said. "We're excited. We think it's a big deal and we hope it's a big deal for Cleveland."

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Arhaus Furniture

Founded: 1986, in the Flats. by John Reed and his father, Jack Reed

Headquarters and distribution center: Walton Hills, Ohio

Employees: about 1,000 nationwide, including 345 in Ohio (230 at headquarters)

Stores: 46 stores, including eight in Ohio.

2012 Revenues: Estimated at $215 million (according to Furniture Today)

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