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Coming Up With Fresh Persuasive Essay Topics About Political Correctness

Writing academic papers can be tiring sometimes. Especially when you don’t know much about the topic and you are short of words. To overcome this trouble the first thing to do is to choose topic wisely. A topic which you feel more connected to, have research work and resources to write about, go for it. With words flowing from mind at ease and in a constructed way can build up a good essay. Academic papers can be anywhere.

We all have written academic papers in school and college but there can be academic papers on serious topics like being politically correct and controversial topics. Writing an essay politically correctly may mean some things. You have to state the facts whether they are good or mad and have to make a comment but without distorting the subject. You have to speak from a neutral point of view and make correct statements and not going controversial. Some fresh topics on academic papers about political correctness are:

  • VIP treatment of celebrities
  • Worshipping of cows
  • India unanimous on religious field
  • Good culture, bad culture
  • The four walls of social chat-room
  • Is power equal to corruption?
  • Is truth debatable?
  • Equality is a myth
  • Money is not the root of all evil
  • What we eat is what we become
  • Global warming is for real
  • Charity begins at home
  • Being a good person is learned

Being politically correct all the time is not an easy task. You may hurt someone’s feeling, say some harsh words, say nothing or say something foolish but when you are speaking politically correct it means you step on no man’s land. You state the truth, opine differently and then leave. Not only in academic papers, have we spoken like that in our real life. In the essay you have to be persuasive enough to make the person reading think like you do. You have to persuade him through your words with details and definitions so that he believes and supports your neutral point of view. There lies the effectiveness of your essay.

Great persuasive topics pop out from your surroundings- news, radio, social media sites or live happenings. Choose the topic which has a great impact on community development and has a scope for further discussion. You may choose the for side or the against side. But should support your essay with enough facts and information whichever side you choose. Choosing a bright angle often makes success stories while writing academic papers.

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