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Pg 1 of 6/ Holiday Homework 2010-11/class VI. G. D. Goenka Public School. Holiday Homework- Class VI. English. The Natural Fabric. Come summer and I get ...

G. D. Goenka Public School Holiday Homework- Class VI English

The Natural Fabric Come summer and I get all the coveted attention! Boys or girls, babies or oldies, they all want me! Indeed, it’s a matter of pride for a small green shrub like me, who hails from some remote village in India that I get to serve you by giving you a comfortable, breathable fabric. Did you guess who I am? I am the cotton plant, who gives you a soft, fluffy white fibre called cotton. I was overjoyed and honoured to know that I am the focus of your Science and English Holiday homework! Here are the guidelines for the English Holiday Assignment 1. Make a scrapbook telling my story. Sketch my journey from when I am a seed till my strands are spun into a yarn. You can use real samples, pictures or models. 2. Add handwritten information to make the pictures more meaningful. 3. Make a colourful collage using good quality chart paper showing the new trends in fashion using cotton fabric. 4. By now, you know that most of my body parts are useful to you. A small note made by you about my utility will really make me feel happy!

Given below are the names of some interesting story books. Read as many as you can during the vacation. This will enhance your vocabulary and linguistic ability. Recommended Authors: 1. R. K. Narayan a. Swami And His Friends b. The English Teacher 2. Jules Verne a. A Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

Pg 1 of 6/ Holiday Homework 2010-11/class VI

b. Around the World in Eighty Days 3. Roald Dahl a. Ghost Stories b. Matilda c. The BFG 4. Daniel Defoe a. The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe b. Moll Flanders 5. Jonathan Swift a. Gulliver’s Travels 6. Enid Blyton a. Go Ahead Secret Seven b. The Adventures of Mary Mouse 7. Abridged versions of a. Heidi b. Alice in Wonderland

Science In the science homework trace the journey of cotton. Guidelines1. You may include the rich heritage of cotton cloth in India. 2. Did the cotton fabric have any role in our independence movement? 3. Give reasons for your preference for wearing cotton during summer months. 4. Find its role in the making of artificial fibres. Illustrate your findings in a creative manner. 5. Design a bookmark using cotton fabric.

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MATHEMATICS Q1. We have done various patterns with numbers in our previous class. Can you find a pattern for each of the following? If yes, complete them: a) 7, 3, -1, -5, ___, ___, ___. b) -2, -4, -6, -8, ___, ___, ___. c) 15, 10, 5, 0, ___, ___, ___. d) -11, -8, -5, -2, ___, ___, ___. Q2. The following number line shows the temperature of the places on a particular day.

a) Observe this number line and write the temperature of the places marked on it. b) What is the temperature difference between the hottest and the coldest places among the above? c) What is the temperature difference between Lahulspiti and Srinagar? d) Can we say temperature of Srinagar and Shimla taken together is less than the temperature at Shimla? Is it also less than the temperature at Srinagar? Q3. At Srinagar temperature was -5o C on Monday and then it dropped by 2o C on Tuesday. What was the temperature of Srinagar on Tuesday? On Wednesday, it rose by 4o C. What was the temperature on this day? Q4. A plane is flying at the height of 5000m above the sea level. At a particular point, it is exactly above a submarine floating 1200m below the sea level. What is the vertical distance between them?

Q5. In a magic square each row, column and diagonal have the same sum. Check which of the following is a magic square. 5




















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Q6. A water tank has steps inside it. A monkey is sitting on the topmost step (i.e., on the first step). The water level is at the ninth step. (i) He jumps 3 steps down and then jumps back 2 steps up. In how many jumps will he reach the water level? After drinking water, he wants to go back. For (ii) this he jumps 4 steps up and then jumps back 2 steps down in every move. In how many jumps will he reach back the top step? Q7. A shopkeeper earns a profit of Rs 1. by selling one pen and incurs a loss of 40 paise per pencil while selling pencils on her old stock. (i) In a particular month she incurs a loss of Rs. 5. In this period, she sold 45 pens. How many pencils did she sell? In the next month she earns neither profit nor loss. If she sold (ii) 70 pens, how many pencils did she sell?

(i) (ii)

Q8. In a test (+5) marks are given for every correct answer and (-2) marks for every incorrect answer. Radhika answered all questions and scored 30 marks though she got 10 correct answers. Jay also answered all the questions and scored (-12) marks though he got 4 correct answers. How many incorrect answers had they attempted?

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FUN TIME GAME 1: (i) Take a board marked from –104 to 104 as shown in the figure. (ii) Take a bag containing two blue and two red dice. Number of dots on the blue dice indicate positive integers and number of dots on the red dice indicate negative integers. (iii) Every player will place his/her counter at zero. (iv) Each player will take out two dice at a time from the bag and throw them.

(v) After every throw, the player has to multiply the numbers marked on the dice. (vi) If the product is a positive integer then the player will move his counter towards 104; if the product is a negative integer then the player will move his counter towards -104. (vii)

The player who reaches 104 first is the winner!!

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BRAIN – TEASERS 1. Solve the number riddles: a. Tell me who I am! Who I am! Take away from me the number eight, Divide further by a dozen to come up with A full team for a game of cricket! b. Add four to six times a number, 2. Solve the teasers: a. There was in the forest an old Peepal tree The grand tree had branches ten and three On each branch there lived birds fourteen Sparrows brown, crows black and parrots green! Twice as many as the parrots were the crows And twice as many as the crows were the sparrows! We wonder how many birds of each kind Aren’t you going to help us find?

Pg 6 of 6/ Holiday Homework 2010-11/class VI

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