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 29 Dec 2017, 03:58

Hi everyone,

I have a personal question about my situation, with which I hope to get a little advice from the more experienced ones here.

I am currently 22, just last year finished my bachelors degree at Rotterdam School of Management. I am due to take the GMAT at 8 Jan, and from the practice GMATs I completed (700, 740) I am reasonably confident I will score well. When I obtain my target score (720+) I of course want to use it to get into a good university. However, I am not quite sure where to aim for, seeing as most applicants for masters degrees in business (my field), are quite a lot older, and have work experience. My question is, where can I best apply now that I have a 3 years bachelor finished, considering my age, and am looking for a university to do a masters?

Cheers lads.

If you’re unfamiliar with U.S. geography overall or where the top American business schools are actually located, here’s a cute little mapping gizmo thing that we put together.

This is admittedly simple but it lets you visually identify which schools are in places that, say, get lots of snow in the winter, and which are more rural. It also has school attributes, so you can, for example, see which larger schools are easier to get into.

Check out the key at the bottom left with the button that currently says “Competitiveness Level” – you can flip that to other attributes and see which schools fit your interests and requirements.

(This is probably easier to view if you go to the full post or you can view American Business Schools in a full screen map.)

We’re using a freebie version of that mapping tool so the ads being displayed are from them, not us; EssaySnark tries to keep ads off the site but this one seemed like a worthwhile tradeoff. Hope you don’t mind.

What other attributes would be useful to add to this map? Let us know in the comments and we’ll see if we can get them added.

Also which other schools should be on here? Right now it’s got the 16 U.S. schools from our Top 19 list. If we get enough votes for others then we’ll consider adding them, too.

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