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The Latin American opportunity


Latin America is blessed with a massive area of arable land, attractive soil conditions, conducive weather and important resources of fresh water. This allows the region to produce and export growing surplus of food to the world, through a diverse agricultural production platform.


But the region also faces global challenges to manage and grow an agricultural system in which natural resources are managed in efficient and sustainable ways to feed the local populations and to supply food to other importing regions across the world. This growth will be led by the adoption of technological innovation and the development of sustainable production systems which can effectively reach all the food and agricultural value chain.


Latin American entrepreneurs are well-known for their unique ability to contribute creative and innovative solutions for the multiple challenges in the regional food and agriculture sector. In this process, the AgTech opportunity has not only the potential to bring innovations, but also to generate technological disruptions that bring transformative changes in the way of producing and delivering food with a positive impact in multiple environmental, social and economic dimensions.



The Yield Lab Latam Accelerator


Today there are over 200 AgTech startups in different development stages across Latin America. These startups are part of a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem that is growing and driving disruption in diverse sectors such as row crops, permanent crops, the broad animal sector, forestry, and across all the production, transformation and services in the food and agriculture value chain. The success of the AgTech innovation in Latin America depends in a significant way in the growth of this ecosystem that can enable and empower entrepreneurs to pursue the opportunities in the region.


Launched in 2017, The Yield Lab LATAM is the Latin American program accelerator of the Yield Lab network, conceived to take a leading role in building and nurturing the emerging AgTech ecosystem in Latin America, by supporting entrepreneurs, bringing together public and private stakeholders, providing funding and driving the “market making” needed to support the long term growth of the sector.


The Yield Lab LATAM 2018 program will meet 6 times a year over the course of the 2018 calendar year, starting in late April. Programming sessions will run for two or three days and will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During this time, companies will be guided through a uniquely developed accelerator program designed to leverage the agriculture assets unique to Latin America. The accelerator fund will invest up to $100,000 into early stage technology companies that sustainably revolutionize agrifood systems globally.

Yield Lab programming places an emphasis on providing access to customers, collaborators, and capital. Each company will be assigned a dedicated Yield Lab Managing Partner to guide them through the course of programming and beyond.

The Yield Lab LATAM is continuously expanding its footprint across the region and has an affinity network extending across the world – from its mothership in St. Louis, Missouri to Dublin, Ireland – to help each portfolio company in their pursuit of growth.


The application for the Yield Lab LATAM 2018 is open through Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 (we extended the deadline) – apply today!

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