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MGT 101 Final term paper Part 1

Total 50 Questions (40 MCQs & 10 Subjective)
MCQs mostly of Calculation. (Study past papers recommended)
Questions are also of Calculation, mostly i.e Different Details/table were given and ask for CALCULATION. These TOPICs are

1 Premium Share

2 Cash Receipt

3 Amount of Turnover Creditor Ratio and Payables

4 Direct and Indirect expenses

5 Net Profit Ratio and Creditor Turnover Ratio

6 Operating activities

(B) One question from Rectifying Error, the entries were given and asked to correct them from given options.

(C) Asked for Current Account to make from given data/table

(D) One from Debentures

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MGT 101 Final term paper Part 2

Following is information of Shumile Ltd. for the year ended December 31st, 2009.



Cash in hand


Bank overdraft


Plant & Machinery






Accumulated profit & Loss c/f (credit balance) on 31stDecember, 2009.


Gross Profit on 31st December, 2009.


Paid up capital


General Reserve


Authorized Capital Rs. 10/each


Other information:

Depreciation is charged on all Depreciable Fixed Assets @ 10% p.a.


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