Cover Letter For Front Desk Position At Hotel

Dear Mr,

I am wiritng to apply for the Front Desk Agent position at ________advertised in ______ . I have a positive attitude to my work and enjoy working with different types of people. I am an interpersonal and highly motivated indivual.

I have experience working in a hospital and this background has given me the ability to work under high pressure. The position demanded a variety of different tasks outised of basic reception work and as a result I am willing to go above and beyond the required taks of a receptionist.

I have developed the skills - and more importantly, the sense of humor - to calm an angry customer, something very important in the hotel business. I am confident I can extend this experience to Hotel Reception.

I am an eager student, an optimist, and a hard worker. I am very interested to meet with you and discuss my CV further with you.

I am available for an interview at your convenience.

Yours sincerely

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Hotel managers receive a lot of applications, so don’t assume your resume will guarantee that interview. If you really want to stand out, focus first on your cover letter. This is a primary screening tool and your one chance to prove your qualifications. In fact, hotel managers have learned that people who can articulate themselves well on paper are usually great with customers. Therefore, we’ve structured this professional front desk agent cover letter sample as a writing guide to demonstrate an effective approach.

Professional Front Desk Agent Cover Letter Sample

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Front Desk Agent Cover Letter Must-Haves

Selling your customer service experience requires a custom introduction, so always greet the manager by name and then jump right to your transferrable skills. Specific examples carry a lot of weight in this industry, so pay close attention to the accomplishments we included in the professional front desk agent cover letter sample. Above all, be sure to mention details about the hotel or company to prove that you’ve done your research. Again, managers assess your potential performance largely by the way you present yourself on paper. Maintain a professional tone, focus on the company, close with a thank you, and stick to one page.

Best Action Verbs for a Front Desk Agent Cover Letter

We also incorporated several key action verbs into the professional front desk agent cover letter sample above, and you can draw even more attention with words such as exceeded, determined, incorporated, resolved, formulated, collaborated, facilitated, adapted, and streamlined.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Mr. Hilton,

I believe effective customer service is all about engagement. Having spent the last four years in guest services, I know how to connect with people. I am applying for your front desk agent position because I love your company culture. I am personable, quick, and genuinely driven to exceed expectations. You won’t be disappointed. The call center environment taught me how to handle stressful situations. Customers don’t want a sales pitch; they want to be heard. Ironically, once I adopted a more transparent approach, I actually upsold more products. I employ the same strategy in my current role at the Central Star Museum, and I love helping visitors make the most of their experience. I was even voted best tour guide after our six-month guest survey, an honor I attribute to my genuine interest in people. In fact, many of our patrons have also been guests of your resort, and I have been quickly developing an interest in transitioning my career. LuxElite is an industry leader among destination brands, and I understand the experience you provide as well as the service your guests expect. I am excited about this potential opportunity and would love the chance to sit down and discuss what I can bring to your team. Please refer to my attached resume, and feel free to reach out with any questions. Thank you for your consideration.

John Doe

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