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Where to Find Your Citation Style

  • arXiv papers and BibTeX
    Instructions for adding an arXiv eprint referrer, with modified bibliographic styles for some journals.
  • astrobib
    Astrobib supports many well-known astronomy journals and is compatible with AAS/WGAS LaTeX macros, A&A and MNRAS styles, &c.
  • Choosing a BibTeX Style
    Reed College has provided several modified versions of APA, MLA, and Chicago. Click on the name of the style you want to download under the Styles Recommended by Reed section. Place the style in the directory of your paper.
  • CTAN
    CTAN is a document database providing packages, bibliographic styles, and other resources for use with LaTeX.

But what about importing from databases?

  • TeXMed - a BibTeX interface for PubMed
    TeXMed is just an interface to NCBI PubMed, that allows you to query PubMed and to store references in BibTeX format.
  • Documentation on Web of Knowledge/Web of Science for BibTeX Citations
    Quick summary: Once you've found a citation you want to save, just go to the bottom of the article information page and export using the options in the Output Record box.
  • Documentation on Exporting to BibTeX in ProQuest
    Quick summary: Click the Cite button in the light blue bar above your search results. A box will come up that will walk you through citing the resource(s). Select BibTeX as your citation style, then press the orange "Change" button. Copy the citation to your .bib file. NOTE THAT YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE THE IDENTIFIERS FOR EXPORTED CITATIONS.

The package seems to do a good job with basic MLA style citations and bibliographies. Here is an example of how to use it. You need to run to get everything to look right.

Update (July, 2016) It seems that development of has resumed. Using the latest version on CTAN this example compiles properly. I would strongly recommend you update your TeX distribution to TL 2016 instead of manually installing the package, since there have been many changes to both and which will also need to be updated, so manual updating will likely lead to package dependency conflicts.

Various previous problems with may have been fixed with this new version, so the warning on the previous version of this answer may not apply.

Previous Warning

As the comments have mentioned, and also this question: biblatex-mla sometimes \autocite[prenote][pg]{key} is not printing the author's name there seem to be significant problems with which hasn't been updated for some time. It may need to be used with version 1.0.

If you need footnote citations, use the package option and add the following code to your preamble (based on the solution posted here: Biblatex-mla gives me a \smartcite error).

If you need to change the title of the bibliography to something other than "Works Cited", add the following code to your preamble:

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