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Hour 7 APUSH Unit 2 DBQ By the eve of the Revolution a new identity was being developed by the colonists for the colonists. The colonists no longer saw or called themselves Europeans or colonists they were now all Americans. In the time period 1750-1776 a combinations of events helped the Americans to develop this new identity and it also helped the Americans to develop a sense of unity within the Americans. By the eve of the Revolution the colonists’ development of a sense of identity and unity had sky rocketed. One event that helped the Americans to develop their new identity and sense of unity within themselves is the French and Indian War. The French and Indian War occurred between the years 1754 and 1763, in this war the Americans joined together to fight against the French and their Native American allies. Within this time frame of the French and Indian War the Americans started to see themselves as one, many advertisements and posters were made encouraging the unity of the Americans and

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Unit 6 Ch. 16-18 (Total Questions 79)
Compare and contrast the Pacific Coast Indians with the Pueblos of the Southwest.

The most important of all to the Northwest coast Indian peoples was the Raven. The Pueblo peoples lived in compact, permanent villages and resided in multifamily buildings. The women of a household cared for young children; cultivated spring-irrigated gardens.

What traits did the Plains tribes share, and what was the economic basis of the way of life for most Plains tribes?

One of the most important traits shared by all Plains tribes was the fact that they all hunted bison or buffalo. This was also the economic basis of their way of life since hunting provided them with food and…show more content…

Describe the composition and structure of the labor force in the West. How was it shaped by racial prejudice?

What were the principal gold and silver boom areas from 1858 to 1874? What other mineral extraction became economically important?

Topaz if you went deep enough but it took a lot of time and money and people or workers.

Describe the typical pattern of development and decline in the mining regions. What was life like for men and women in the mining camps and towns?

Mining life for the men was long days and tough work conditions that were often dangerous. In some towns the women also worked the mines but normally they were in charge of taking care of the homes.

Describe the origins, purposes, and practices of the "long drive" and the "open range" cattle industry. What ended this brief but colorful boom? What was the long-run nature of the cattle business? To transfer animals across the country to be used for other things. It failed after a while due to droughts and the freezes

How did the Wild West shows of Buffalo Bill Cody and others shape the popular image of the American West?

Wild West Shows were traveling vaudeville performances in the United States and Europe. The first and prototypical wild west show was Buffalo Bill's, formed in 1883 and lasting until 1913. The shows introduced many western performers and personalities, and a

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