Essay On Empowerment Of Women In India

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Empowerment of Women


A lot is being heard these days on the need for the empowerment of women.  Women, everybody knows, continue to suffer and have an inferior status in society as compared to their male counterparts.  They are lagging behind in all fields.  In spite of all the media hype regarding the equality of sexes, things have yet to improve.

                Despite law, female foeticide, female infanticide and dowry death are staring the society in the face.  Child marriage is still prevalent in many parts of the country. Girls are not being sent to school in  many areas.  Incidents of sexual harassment of women, eve-teasing, sexual abuse of female children and rape are on the rise in spite of spread of education.  Thousands of widows are living in object poverty and women labourers continue to be oppressed in the absence of proper legislation to protect them.  In such a situation it is no surprise that the birth of a girl child is still considered to be a curse and   an occasion for sorrow in thousands of families.  In a country where there is the rich tradition of ‘kanjak’ puja, women continue to be treated as inferior to men.

                In the face of this situation some enlightened countrymen have started asking for the empowerment of women.  They rightly feel that there is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved.  It is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing, they say.  Great men like Swami Vivekanand, Gandhi ji, Raja Rammohan Roy and Ishwar Chander Vidyasagar have also been championing the cause of greater rights and a better status to women.  With the march of civilization, several women have come to occupy prominent positions of strength and status on their own merit.  Some of these names worth mentioning are those of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Sirimavo Bandaranaika,, Chandrika Kumaratunger, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, Nisha sharma, etc. These women have already done their country and their society proud. But they form only a microscopic minority.

                Several efforts have been made in free India to give a better status to the women folk in the country.  Some of these steps are a programme of support to Training cum Employment of Women (STEP) launched in 1987.  Swayamsidha launched in March 2001, Swa-Shakti Project launched in October 1998 and the Anti- Dowry Act.  But all these steps have proved inadequate.  The amendment of the Constitution (73and 74) by the Parliament giving representation to women on the local bodies (Pachayats and Municipal bodies) has certainly made some mark.  Women are now entering politics in large numbers.

                The bill regarding the 33 percent reservation of seats for women in the State Assemblies and the Parliament is still pending On one pretext or the other, it is being put off the successive governments. It remains, will the empowerment of women really changes their status? Some people believe that it may improve the status of women but what is required is a change in the social attidude lowers the fair sex.  A lot could also be achieved through education rather than reservation.  Women have marching ahead.  No power can stop them now.  Do they really need empowerment through laws, this remains a million dollar question?

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