Travel In Chinese Lesson 11 Homework

Integrated Chinese 1/2 Lesson 11 Talking about the Weather Video Activity Answer Key© Cheng & Tsui. You may not use these exercises for personal or commercial use or post them on a website or in a lab environment that is not for the exclusive use of students and teachers learning and teaching Chinese and using the Cheng & Tsui Integrated Chinese series.INTEGRATED CHINESE Level 1 Part 2LESSON 11: Talking about the Weather Answer Key Previewing ActivityWhat is the typical weather of the place where you live? What do people like to do in different seasons? (Answer in English) Season What is the typical weather? What seasonal activities do people engage in?Spring Summer Fall Winter Dialogue 1: Tomorrow’s Weather Will Be Even Better!Viewing ActivitiesA.Watch the video. Check True (对) or False (错).对错1. 高小音回来的时候,高文中在看天气预报。☐✓2. 昨天下雪了。✓☐3. 高文中约了朋友今天去公园滑冰。☐✓4. 明天不会下雪,但是明天比今天冷。☐✓5. 白英爱今天下午已经在纽约了。✓☐

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