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Please write an essay of 5 pages which addresses one or two of the topics given below. The essay is due on the first Monday after spring break. The purpose of this essay is to show that you can take a wide range of information from class lectures and various readings and synthesize them into a coherent account of the development of civilization in the late Republic and transition to Imperial rule. I will be glad to discuss your papers with you and offer suggestions. Please make use of all the different sources, the textbook, the works of Suetonius and Plutarch,  and my lectures.  Please make an effort to include primary sources (Suetonius and Plutarch) directly whenever possible.

You do not need a separate bibliography unless you are using sources beyond the required texts. You may use whatever citation system you prefer (footnotes, end notes or parenthetical notes) as long as you are consistent. Illustrations are not required but page numbering is required. I expect 5 pages of  text.  If you find that your paper is 8 pages long that’s fine, but I won’t have much sympathy for a 3 and ½ page paper which includes 2 pages of illustrations and more bibliography as part of the page count! Graduate students should prepare a longer, more detailed paper (10-12 pages). Remember:you must submit both a hard copy to me and a electronic version to the website Please see the course syllabus for instructions.


Your paper should aim to show the main historical developments during the last century of the Republic and the transition to Imperial rule under Augustus.  Stress should be placed on the major historical figures and events which destroyed the Republic. Historical development– how things changed over time– is also very important.

Topic 1) The Republic in Crisis: Marius, Sulla and the rise of Great Men

During the last century of its existence, the Roman Republic was dominated by powerful and ambitious political warlords like Marius and Sulla whose political and military actions eroded and destroyed the Senate’s authority and the principle of shared power.  Describe the rise of these men and analyze their role in the civil wars at the end of the Republic.  Demonstrate how their actions violated the principles on which the Republican system of government was based. In what ways did they contribute to the rise of the first Emperors of Rome?  How did the Senatorial system discredit itself as a viable system of government during their careers?  What was the role of the Army in all of this? What social, economic and political problems festered in Rome while the Senate and warlords fought for control and how did these problems contribute to the breakdown of the system?

Topic 2) The Civil Wars & the Rise of Julius Caesar

What happened in the aftermath of Sulla’s retirement as Dictator?  His reforms to the Republican system of government ultimately failed. Why?  What led to the formation and dissolution of the first Triumvirate of Pompey, Crassus & Caesar?  Why was Caesar ultimately victorious?  Was his aim to become “king” as his detractors claimed?  How did he rule once he had defeated Pompey and gained absolute control of the state? How have ancient historians like Suetonius and Plutarch portrayed his rise to power? Was he fortunate, a political and military genius or both?

Topic 3) Beyond the Great Men: Why the Roman Republic Fell

Behind the story of the Great Men and their military conquests, ruthless political struggles,  vanity and ambitions, the Republic was not destroyed by one man (Julius Caesar) or even by several (Marius, Sulla, Pompey, Crassus, Caesar, Mark Anthony and Octavian). What role did the actions by and political divisions within the larger ruling class of Senators play in destroying the Republic. How did the growth of Rome’s empire and the economic and social disruptions this caused lead to a larger crisis in Roman society? Finally, how were the seeds of its own destruction built into the Republican system of divided government and fierce competition for political power and prestige? If Marius, Sulla, Pompey and Caesar had never existed or never rose to power, would the Roman Republic have survived for another century or two or was it doomed by its own contradictions and by problems it was unable to solve?

 Topic 4) From Octavian to Augustus: the Death of the Republic & the Rise of the Principate

After Caesar’s death, how did his nephew Octavian rise to political power?  How did he overcome the much more experienced and seemingly powerful Mark Anthony to become master of the whole Roman world? After gaining sole power, how did Octavian, now Augustus, maintain the fiction that he had restored the Republic? Why did he pretend that he was anything other than a king?  How did Augustus bring stability to Rome, Italy and the Empire’s vast holdings?  How did Augustus lay the foundations of the Imperial system of government?

Roman History Term Paper Topics: 15 Unique Ideas

Whether you are studying classics, learning Latin, or simply taking part in a history course, you may be required to write a term paper on the subject of Roman history. With the Roman Empire having spanned several centuries, and have had a huge influence on a vast area of the globe, there are numerous different things that you can write about.

For example, you may wish to talk about the Roman army and how it was organised, or possibly you may wish to talk about any specific military leaders. Alternatively, you may wish to examine various leaders of the Empire as a whole, such as Julius Caesar, Nero, or any of the other famous emperors who ruled during that time. In fact, as well as looking at some of the more famous leaders, you may wish to complete your term paper on a topic relating to one of the less well-known Roman emperors.

Another thing that the Romans were famous for was there ingenuity and inventions. In fact, some inventions from that era are still used today; such was the genius and success of the inventions created during that time. As you can see, there are plenty of topics that you can use for your term paper; however, to give you a head start, you may wish to take a look at some of the ideas below.

  1. What caused the end of the Roman Empire?
  2. An analysis of Roman road building techniques
  3. What influence did Roman organisational skills - in relation to armies - have on present-day military formations?
  4. An analysis of how the rich and the poor lived in Roman times?
  5. How big was the Roman Empire?
  6. The life and times of Julius Caesar
  7. How accurately is the Roman Empire depicted in modern-day films and television shows?
  8. An in-depth study into Roman gods and religion during the time of the Roman Empire
  9. And analysis of the history of Latin and how it is still important today
  10. An in-depth study of the legal status assigned to different Roman citizens and other people during the era of the Roman Empire
  11. What did the Romans eat?
  12. What role did women play during the year of the Roman Empire, and how were they treated?
  13. The justice system during the era of the Roman Empire
  14. A study of Roman emperors and how the Empire was governed
  15. How did taxation work during the time of the Roman Empire?

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