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Martin Edward DempseyKBE (born March 14, 1952), sometimes known as Marty Dempsey, is a retired United States Armygeneral who served as the 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from October 1, 2011 until September 25, 2015. He previously served as the 37th Chief of Staff of the Army from April 11, 2011, to September 7, 2011. Prior to that, he served as Commanding General, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, from December 8, 2008, to April 11, 2011, as Acting Commander, U.S. Central Command, from March 24, 2008, to October 30, 2008, as Deputy Commander, U.S. Central Command, from August 2007 to March 23, 2008, and as Commanding General, Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq (MNSTC-I), from August 2005 to August 2007. Dempsey assumed his assignment as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on October 1, 2011 and stepped down from the Chairmanship on September 25, 2015.[2][3] He now serves as a professor at Duke University.[4]

Early life and education[edit]

Dempsey was born on March 14, 1952, and attended John S. Burke Catholic High School in Goshen, New York. Dempsey is Irish American.[5][6][7] Following high school, Dempsey attended the United States Military Academy at West Point and graduated with the Class of 1974. In his class were three other future four-star generals, David Petraeus, Walter L. Sharp and Keith B. Alexander. He has a master's degree in literature from Duke University, where he wrote a thesis on the Irish literary revival.[8] Dempsey's four grandparents were born in the counties of Sligo, Donegal, Mayo and Roscommon in Ireland. He learned a small amount of the Irish language while spending his summers in Ireland as a child.[8][9]


Dempsey received a commission as an Armor officer upon graduation from the United States Military Academy in 1974. As a company-grade officer, he served in 1st Squadron, 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment as the officer in charge for personnel. He went on to be the executive officer of the 3rd Brigade 3rd Armored Division during Operation Desert Shield/Storm. As lieutenant colonel he commanded the 4th Battalion of the 67th Armored Regiment "Bandits" from 1992–1995 in the 1st Armored Division in Friedberg, Hesse, Germany.[10]

In June 2003, then Major General Dempsey assumed command of the 1st Armored Division. He succeeded Ricardo S. Sanchez who was promoted to lieutenant general, as commander of V Corps. Dempsey's command of the 1st Armored Division lasted until July 2005 and included 13 months in Iraq, from June 2003 to July 2004. While in Iraq, 1st Armored Division, in addition to its own brigades, had operational command over the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment and a brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division; the command, called "Task Force Iron" in recognition of the Division's nickname, "Old Ironsides", was the largest division-level command in the history of the United States Army.[11]

It was during this time that the U.S. intervention in Iraq changed dramatically as Fallujah fell to Sunni extremists and supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr built their strength and rose up against American forces. Then Major General Dempsey and his command assumed responsibility for the area of operations in Baghdad as the insurgency incubated, grew, and exploded. General Dempsey has been described by Thomas Ricks in his book "Fiasco": "In the capital itself, the 1st Armored Division, after Sanchez assumed control of V Corps, was led by Maj. Gen. Martin Dempsey, was generally seen as handling a difficult (and inherited) job well, under the global spotlight of Baghdad."

On March 27, 2007, Lieutenant General Dempsey was transferred from commander of Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq, and reassigned as deputy commander of U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida.

On February 5, 2008, Dempsey was nominated to head the U.S. Army, Europe/Seventh Army, and was nominated for promotion to four-star general upon Senate approval.

On March 11, 2008, Dempsey's commander, AdmiralWilliam J. Fallon, retired from active service. U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates accepted this as effective on March 31. Dempsey took over command as acting commander of Central Command.

On March 13, 2008, Dempsey was confirmed by the United States Senate as Commander, U.S. Army, Europe/Seventh Army.[12] However, due, to Admiral Fallon's unexpected retirement, Dempsey never took command of U.S. Army, Europe/Seventh Army.

On July 11, 2008, Dempsey was nominated to take command of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command while Lieutenant General Carter F. Ham replaced his nomination to command the U.S. Army, Europe/Seventh Army.[13]

On December 8, 2008, Dempsey assumed command of United States Army Training and Doctrine Command.[14]

On January 6, 2011, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced that he would recommend that the President nominate General Dempsey to succeed General George Casey as the Army Chief of Staff.[17] On February 8, 2011, Gates announced that President Barack Obama nominated Dempsey to be the 37th Chief of Staff of the United States Army.[18] On March 3, 2011, Dempsey testified before the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services,[19] and on March 15, 2011, the committee affirmatively reported Dempsey's nomination.[20] On March 16, 2011, the Senate confirmed Dempsey's nomination by unanimous consent.[21] On April 11, 2011, Dempsey was sworn in as Chief of Staff of the United States Army at a ceremony at Fort Myer.

With AdmiralMichael Mullen set to retire as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in September 2011, U.S. President Obama needed to select his replacement. The Vice-Chairman, Marine General James Cartwright, who was initially believed to be the front runner for the job, had fallen out of favor among senior officials in the Defense Department. Obama administration officials revealed on May 26, 2011, that the President would nominate Dempsey to the post of Chairman.[22] In August 2011, General Dempsey was confirmed by unanimous consent to succeed Admiral Mike Mullen as the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was sworn in as 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on October 1, 2011. On June 26, 2013, President Barack Obama re-nominated General Dempsey to serve a second two-year term as Chairman.[23] Dempsey stepped down on September 25, 2015, and was replaced by General Joseph Dunford, USMC.

Personal life[edit]

Dempsey is married to his high school sweetheart, Deanie.[24] They have three children: Chris, Megan, and Caitlin. Each has served in the United States Army and is married with three children. Chris remains on active duty as a cavalry lieutenant colonel in 1st battalion 66th armored regiment, 3rd armored brigade, 4th infantry division. Martin and Deanie have nine grandchildren.[25]


Dates of rank[edit]

Second lieutenantJune 5, 1974
First lieutenantJune 5, 1976
CaptainAugust 8, 1978
MajorSeptember 1, 1985
Lieutenant colonelApril 1, 1991
ColonelSeptember 1, 1996
Brigadier generalAugust 1, 2001
Major generalSeptember 1, 2004
Lieutenant generalSeptember 8, 2005
GeneralDecember 8, 2008

Awards and decorations[edit]

On December 7, 2011, Dempsey received the USO's Distinguished Service Award on behalf of all military members.[26] In October 2016, he was made an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II, for commitment to British-American defense cooperation.[27]

Medals and ribbons[edit]


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WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Dec. 12, 2011) -- Two changes made to a set of programs will make participation easier for officers wanting to expand their military careers with opportunities such as fellowships and scholarships.

Under the officer "Broadening Opportunity Program," or BOP, officers can apply to all programs they qualify for, instead of just one. Additionally, notification for acceptance into one of the programs will now come much earlier.

The BOP includes the Strategic Education and Development Program; the Army Regional Fellowships; the Olmsted Scholar Program; the Joint Chief of Staff, OSD, and DA Staff Internship Program; the Cyber Command Scholarship Program; the Downing Scholarship Program; the Congressional Fellowship Program; and the Arroyo Center Fellowship Program.

"These programs educate and mature the officer for the next battle," said Joel Strout, manager for the programs included in the BOP.

With current budget concerns, Strout said, officers who know how Congress works and who have had experience on Capitol Hill will be valuable to the Army.

"The Army Congressional Fellowship Program can allow the officer that experience," Strout explained.

One of the changes under BOP allows officers to apply for all programs for which they are qualified -- though they will be accepted to only one. Under the previous "Non-Military Education Level" program, as it was known, officers could apply to only one. The change, Strout said, gives interested officers "a better chance of being selected for a program."

Officers can apply for all of the BOP programs for which they are qualified, and rank their preference. Acceptance into one of the programs eliminates them from consideration for the other programs.

The second change that comes with BOP is that officers will learn by as early as mid-July if they have been accepted into one of the programs. In past years, under the non-MEL program, they might have had to wait until as late as December to find out if they were accepted.

"Notification is sent out much, much earlier to all the candidates and all the career managers, of who was selected and who wasn't," Strout said. "In previous years, selection boards were scattered."

The deadline for applying for the next series of BOP fellowships and scholarships is March 30, 2012. The selection boards for all those programs will meet during a two-week window in late June. Results will be available to applicants by mid-July. The earlier notification aligns better with the onset of the officer assignment cycle, Strout said. "The earlier that we can tell the candidates they've made it or not, the earlier they can put their name in the hat for an assignment."

Strout said the changes come as a result of Human Resources Command listening to officers who have in the past participated in the fellowships and scholarships that are now part of BOP.

"The HRC is listening," Strout said. "They said let's do it this year, let's do the pilot program. This is the very first time that we are allowing multiple programs at one time that a service member can apply for."

Six of the eight programs in the BOP are graduate degree programs, Strout said. Two of the eight programs provide Intermediate Level Education/Advanced Operations Course credit -- including both the Joint Chief of Staff, Office of the Secretary Of Defense, and the Department Of the Army Staff Internship Program; and the Army Congressional Fellowship Program.

Programs that are part of the BOP include:

-- The fiscal year 2013/2014 Arroyo Center Fellowship: The 12-month program, open to majors or lieutenant colonels, is a research and study fellowship established at the Army's research and development center, the Rand Arroyo Center. The center supports the Army by studying topics related to the National Security Strategy and other issues of critical importance to the Army. (MILPER message 11-362)

-- The 2014 Army Congressional Fellowship Program: The 43-month program educates selected Army officers, senior noncommissioned officers and civilians on the importance of the strategic relationship between the Army and the Congress. The program includes pursuit of a master's degree in legislative affairs, service on the staff of a member of Congress, and utilization on the Army or joint staff in a congressional-related duty position. (MILPER message 11-363)

-- The fiscal year 2013 General Wayne A. Downing Scholarship Program: The 24-month program, open to active-duty captains and majors in the maneuver, fires and effects branches, provides participants the opportunity to study terrorism and counterterrorism at top-tier graduate schools. (MILPER message 11-364)

-- The fiscal year 2012/2013 U.S. Army Cyber Command Scholarship Program: The two-year program, followed by a three-year utilization assignment, is open to active-duty captains and majors in the maneuver, fires, and effects; operations support; and force sustainment branches. The program offers participants the opportunity to pursue a master's degree in cyber security at the University of Maryland. (MILPER message 11-365)

-- The fiscal year 2013 Joint Chief of Staff, Office of the Secretary Of Defense, and the Department of the Army Staff Internship Program: The three-year program includes a Georgetown University master of policy management degree, an internship on the Joint Staff or with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and an internship within the Headquarters Department of the Army staff. (MILPER message 11-366)

-- The fiscal year 2013 Olmsted Scholar Program: The program, open to active-duty officers, provides participants the opportunity to achieve fluency in a foreign language while studying at the Defense Language Institute and then pursue graduate study at an overseas university. (MILPER message 11-367)

-- The academic year 2013/2014 Army Regional Fellowships -- LTC Level: Three separate programs provide an approximately year-long fellowship to participants at the Asia-Pacific Center in Hawaii; the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Germany; or the Department of State in Washington, D.C. Participants then do a two-year utilization tour immediately following their fellowships. (MILPER message 11-368)

-- Academic year 2013/2014 HQDA G-3/5 Strategic Education and Development Program: This one-year program, open to active-duty and Army Reserve captains and majors, provides participants with a master's degree in public administration at Harvard University followed by a utilization tour within the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army G-3/5 and the Office of the Chief, Army Reserve (for Reserve officers only). (MILPER message 11-369)

For more information call 888-ARMYHRC (276-9472).


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