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Do you want sure-fire tips for a successful interview or assessment day? We receive tens of thousands of applicants every year, so we go through a lot of interviews. The advice you read here will help you conquer any potential fears and also boost your confidence. By the time you’re done, you’ll be ready for to apply to the FDM Graduate Programme.

FDM Group interview questions will contain a mixture of competency and situational-based questions. During an interview we want to get to know the individual, so the interviewers will ask about your background, achievements, and where your passion for IT derives.

Four golden rules to interview prep

  1. Dress smartly (business attire – suit/tie) – A first impression counts for a lot, so make it a good one
  2. Always be on time – Trial run the journey before the day if you can so you know your route
  3. Be positive and energetic – Look like you really want the job
  4. Research the company – The more research you do, the more confident you will be

What are competency-based questions?

This stage is your opportunity to show us who you are; therefore it is important you present yourself as a well-rounded candidate. Ensure that you sit up straight, smile, keep eye contact, act confidently and professionally, and use professional language. First, some advice, then we will share with you some of the questions we ask our candidates so you know what to expect.

Our advice

  • Anticipate questions you might be asked and prepare your answers
  • Highlight your best attributes – Think about what you want the interviewers to know about you and respond accordingly
  • Practice anything you are concerned about. This could range from saying your answers aloud in front of people or having a trial run of the journey to the interview to avoid being late

What you need to know about competency-based interviews

Interviewers use these questions to seek evidence for when you have used certain skills. These are usually examples from work or university, and if you have any other examples that’s great. The interviewers are used to hearing the same sort of examples, so if you can find a way to be different that’ll give you a helping hand!

  • Use examples of when you demonstrated a particular skill or characteristic – just saying you’ve got certain skill will not be enough
  • Elaborate on all answers and explain points. Do not wait to be probed as interviewers will want see you are proactive and confident
  • Practice STAR (situation, time, action and result) – this will help you structure you answers.

FDM Group’s interview questions: our examples

  • Describe a situation where you have worked as part of a team to achieve something
  • Tell me about a difficult obstacle you had to overcome recently at work/university and how you did you overcome this?
  • Describe an achievement or performance that you are proud of and tell us why
  • In your experience, what have you found challenging and why?

For even more advice, check out this Ted talk to pass some time and help you prepare for your interview.

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