Essays About Experiences That Changed Your Life

Everyone has experience in their life. These experiences could be the incidents which has happened in someone else life or in our life. Some people learn lesson from their experiences and some experiences change the people’s life automatically. The topic I selected is about a tragic experience that happened in my life, during my early twenties. I was working for one of the largest retail companies in America which has over than 1,916 stores nationwide. Newly hired in the store, makes me strive to be recognized, famous, awarded and the best employee in it. My new job took priority over my family, and led me to leave my responsibilities as a sister, aunt and a daughter behind.

Then, one day I was injured on my shift so badly that I had to stay home sick for three months. This accident changed my view towards lifestyle, work and family. Experiences are various lessons which affect a person’s life positively or negatively. It depends on how each individual’s experience affects their view of life because experience is the best teaching resource in a person’s life. Not each person has parents, friends, or teachers to learn from; but each one has his personal experience. My bad experience led to a positive outcome. The purpose is to give a wise experience to the reader from my own experience. The audience for this essay are: instructors, students, parents, teachers and workers. The method that will be used is descriptive. The essay will describe the high expectation of living in America with the professional idealism towards family orientation.

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An Experience that Changed My Life Essay

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It was Socrates who declared that to understand the mysteries of the Universe, a man must first know himself. When I consider the intellectual events that have most affected me, I find most striking those that have let me understand myself more deeply. When I first read the topic requested for this essay, I began thinking back upon the many recent intellectual challenges that have involved me.


A few experiences stood out. There was the philosophy and worldview retreat I attended in November that helped me understand the thought-forms of my culture. There was my literature tutorship, which has taught me not only about great books, but also about Western culture, philosophy and, most importantly, solid reasoning. There…show more content…

In other words, I began to better know myself.


Such self-discovery began at shallow levels, with simple questions. One of my first college-application tasks was to merely list my hobbies. The funny thing was, I had not considered my hobbies in a long while. I live a life that includes many interests - from 4-H to folk music, from parties to politics - but I was so caught up in the flow of this "real life" that I hadn't taken time to seriously think about what these pastimes were, and what kind of person those pursuits made me. Just writing down hobbies was helping me, in small ways, to define myself.


Soon, deeper questions brought deeper introspection. One school asked me to talk about my dreams for the future. Long having desired a career as a responsible and excelling journalist, I found myself elucidating my hope like this: "My goal, at least at this point of my life, is to become an educated, well-rounded journalist - one with a strong grasp of history, philosophy and literature... I want to become an editor or reporter who can report fairly and objectively, while still standing for absolute morals and truth - without succumbing to dogma and rhetoric."


As I placed these goals on paper, my ideas changed from nebulous thoughts to clear, certain statements. Facts about myself that I had generally understood now seemed more certain, and more achievable.

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